Re-do cosmetic breast surgery

As more women have cosmetic breast surgery the need to perform adjustments to the breasts has become more common. Although there are sometimes quite simple adjustments that can be made, it is often the case that a full revision procedure is required. 

Re-do cosmetic breast surgery is most commonly performed for the following reasons:

  • Effects of time and age (breast droop, effects of subsequent pregnancy)
  • Desire to be bigger or smaller than previous surgery
  • Poorly performed initial surgery
  • Capsule formation around breast implants
  • Ruptured (old or cheap) implants
  • Thinning out of tissues overlying implants (resulting in being able to feel or see the implants)

The exact options available in your case will depend very much on your own circumstances, desires, and quality of your breast tissue and skin.

Mr Macmillan performs a large number of re-do cosmetic breast surgery cases. If coming to see Mr Macmillan for a consultation regarding revising your cosmetic breast surgery, please bring as many details as you can regarding your original operation. These operations require careful planning and you will be seen at least twice before surgery.

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