Breast Lift

A breast lift or mastopexy raises and firms the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support a more compact breast shape.

To benefit from a breast lift you must have some natural droop to the breasts. This commonly occurs as a result of pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss and aging.

Sometimes the areola (the coloured area around the nipple) becomes stretched over time, and a breast lift can also correct this. A breast lift aims to produce a breast shape that is youthful, with the nipples pointing forwards.

A breast lift aims to try and produce more additional fullness in the upper part of the breast but in reality, it is the case that you will lose some of this fullness with time (an implant is the only sure way of doing this). However, with a more compact breast, most women report that it is much easier to fill and create effects in a bra after a breast lift, and the shape and nipple position will always be much better than it was.

There are different techniques for doing a breast lift depending on the size, shape and consistency of your breast. Most involve a scar around the nipple and vertically downwards from the nipple to the crease under the breast. Some ladies also require a scar along this crease.

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A breast lift can be combined with inserting an implant (or sometimes your own tissue) to add volume and allow a bigger change in breast shape.

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Aftercare and recovery are similar to breast reduction