Breast Reconstruction using LD flaps (tissue from the back)

This involves taking the muscle (latissimus dorsi muscle) from the back of the chest with some overlying skin and tissue and bringing it through to the front of the chest. It is often combined with a silicone implant to produce a reconstructed breast of the desired size, although some women have enough tissue on the back to be able to make a whole breast without the need for an implant. The operation usually takes 3 or 4 hours. Hospital stay is usually 2-3 days.


Can give a natural breast shape and can often closely approximate the appearance of the other breast without the need for surgical adjustment of that breast particularly if no implant is required. It usually involves just one operation. It is a moderate sized operation and recovery is usually fairly quick. It is very reliable.


Scar on the back. Often some loss of sensation to the back. Occasionally some weakness when performing certain movements or sports.

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