Breast Reconstruction using DIEP flaps (tissue from the tummy)

This involves taking some skin and fatty tissue from the tummy and transferring it the chest. It involves microsurgery and is requires a surgeon with microsurgery skills. The operation usually takes about 6 hours although can take longer. Hospital stay is usually about 3-5 days.


Can give a natural breast shape and can often closely approximate the appearance of the other breast without the need for surgical adjustment of that breast. It usually involves just one operation. The tummy will be flatter.


Long scar on the tummy. On occasions it can fail (4 or 5 per 100). It is a big operation. Long anaesthetic. Sometimes you will need to wait an extra week or two to have this operation, Longer recovery time than other options. Small risk of tummy weakness / hernia / numbness. Immediate or Delayed Breast Reconstruction? Immediate breast reconstruction refers to a breast reconstruction performed during the same operation as a mastectomy.