For women who have breast cancer

Breast Cancer

We are fortunate in having many excellent treatments fro breast cancer and treatment options and outcomes are improving every year. The outcome for the large majority of women with. breast cancer is therefore very good. Of all women diagnosed this year with invasive breast cancer, it is estimated that at least 80% (8 out of 10) will be alive and well 10 years later.

Because of advances in diagnosis and treatment, it is very reasonable in most cases of breast cancer to aim for an effective cure with treatment. In other words, a full life and death from old age and not breast cancer. There is of course a spectrum of breast cancer and some women require more treatment than others. In addition, it has to be said that all breast cancer is potentially life-threatening and there is rarely a point at which we can say that someone is definitely cured.

The chances of living a normal life-span after treatment for breast cancer depends on a variety of factors and at the end of the day, any estimate of your chances of having further problems with breast cancer is just that - an estimate. No-one can predict the future.

As most women will live a long time with the effects of breast cancer treatment - many years if not a normal lifetime in most cases - it is important that any adverse effects of treatment are minimised or identified and treated. Under the care of Mr Macmillan, the treatment plan recommended for your breast cancer will be the best that a team of experts can design. All treatment is directed by a discussion at the multidisciplinary meeting at the Nottingham Breast Institute (for NHS and private patients).

Within the framework of these recommended treatments there will usually be genuine options and choices between treatments that are equally effective at treating the breast cancer but have different effects on you in terms of side-effects or your appearance. Thus, within certain limits, treatments can be tailored to your individual requirements and expectations.