Oncoplastic breast-conserving surgery

Therapeutic Mammaplasty

This term refers to an operation in which a wide local excision is performed with a breast lift or breast reduction. In suitable women, this operation can make preserving the breast possible, when otherwise a mastectomy would be necessary. In other women it can allow a wider excision of the cancer - Our studies show that it can half the chances of requiring further surgery to achieve complete excision of the cancer compared to standard wide local excision. It can also improve the cosmetic result and reduce or eliminate deformity caused by removing breast tissue. In some women with very large breasts it can also reduce the adverse effects of radiotherapy, which can be more severe in such cases.

It is usually performed as a bilateral operation (both breasts) so that the breasts are symmetrical. In certain situations a mammaplasty on just the affected breast may be possible. Recovery and aftercare following this operation is the same as for a breast reduction or breast lift. Most women stay one or two nights in hospital

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This operation involves replacing tissue excised from the breast with tissue from the side of the chest. It can be an excellent option for ladies with cancers in the outer part of the breast. It is usually performed at the same time as the wide local excision and does not add much to the overall recovery time. Typically with this operation there are no scars on the breast but a longish scar in the bra line.

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This operation is similar to the LD miniflap but dos not take any muscle from the back, just the tissue overlying the muscle. As with the LD miniflap, it is usually performed as two operations to make sure that margins of excision are clear first. Because the muscle is not taken, recovery time is quicker than the LD miniflap.

Finding a "Positive" out of a "Negative"

Some women with large breasts may prefer to be smaller. It is sometimes an option to perform a breast reduction at the same time as a wide local excision. In fact, in suitable women, it can often make this operation easier and can allow a very wide margin of normal tissue to be excised around the cancer. Some women have ptotic (droopy) breasts. In such cases it is usually an option to perform a breast lift at the same time as a wide local excision.